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Thai Massage

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Paola and Valerio have followed Thai massage courses in Thailand and have obtained the diplomas to practice this massage. At our Villa in Tuscany 2 types of massage can be requested: 1-hour Thai Massage and 1-hour and 30-minute comolete Thai Massage

Thai massage Thai massage is the result of a long history that dates back at least 2500 years ago, whose coding is attributable to a doctor of Indian origin who had traveled a lot throughout the East. In Thai massage there are in fact some principles of Indian Ayurvedic medicine and Chinese medicine, besides some techniques make the patient assume positions very similar to those used in yoga. The purpose of Thai massage is to reactivate the interrupted or difficult energy circulation, favoring the elimination of toxins through compressions, acupressure and elongation that are performed with the different parts of the body of the masseur (fingers, hands, arms, feet, knees)

It is therefore suitable for:
- strengthen the internal organs
- Improve blood and lymphatic circulation favoring the correct drainage of liquids
- to attenuate the tensions of the muscular and connective tissue
- relieve headaches, neck pain, back pain and joint affections
- improve the mobility of skeletal segments to strengthen neurological functions
- alleviate degenerative conditions associated with the aging process and the period of menopause
- fight insomnia and stress
- promote inner peace and mental well-being.

- heart problems
- hypertension
- herniated discs
- osteoporosis
- fractures
- tumor processes
- phlebitis
- varicose veins
- inflammation or injury
- pregnancy


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